Think like Nature

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with Paul van Dijk

Two weekends to get an intimate understanding of life forces in Spring and Summer.
May  4 – 6, 2012  and  June 1 – 3, 2012

 In Spring we can observe an overwhelming revolution in plant life: out of Winter’s apparent death, there develop living, complex compositions of form and colour, with apparent purpose.

 How does that manifest? Which forces are working? And what “organizes” these changes? To discover some answers to these questions, we need to enter into Nature’s way of life. How?

A number of exercises will be given to develop these qualities, belonging to the realms of both science and art.

We will practise exact as well as dynamic drawing.

Also with bodily movement we will support our research of form. Attention will be paid to the understanding of the methodical path that we follow.

At the end, you will have a more intimate understanding of plant development and metamorphosis,   as a sound basis for further discoveries.

Practical information

The work of the Healing Water Institute is built on Goethean scientific research.  John Wilkes, the founder of the institute, was an inspiring teacher in this realm. The Healing Water Institute wants to pass on his inspiring understanding of nature.

Paul van Dijk, a student of John Wilkes, is a sculptor and performance artist and designs Flowform® technology for projects in Holland. As a teacher in Goethean Science his favourite subjects are study of form and movement, plant development and metamorphosis.

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