The Rhythmic Power of Water II

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A weekend journey into the profound capacities of water
with Paul van Dijk

9-11 November 2012 or 15-17 March 2013

Renew your relationship to water, the most fundamental element in nature,
through fascinating discoveries and experiments. Through water and
its rhythms all living forms are not only created but also their lives are
maintained – for without water nothing can live.
How does water move? What is its essential nature? How does life come
into being through water?
In this weekend we will do a number of experiments, to observe different
qualities of water. The emphasis is given to two clay modelling projects, on
Saturday and Sunday, to challenge you to really understand the rhythmic
flow of water.
Our world famous Flowform® technology enhances the rhythmic nature of
water and helps water support life. In this weekend we will introduce you
practically to this extraordinary invention so you can experience your own
moment of Flowform® discovery.

There will also be an opportunity given to purchase a Flowform® ceramic work at a
discounted price, only for course members.

Practical information

The work of the Healing Water Institute is built on Goethean scientific research. John Wilkes, the founder
of the institute, was an inspiring teacher in this realm. The Healing Water Institute wants to pass on his inspiring
understanding of nature.

Paul van Dijk is well known in Holland as a sculptor and performance artist as well as for his Flowform® designs
in water treatment and artistic projects. He was one of John Wilkes’ first students to learn Flowform® design. As a
teacher his favourite subjects are morphology and metamorphosis.

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